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Challenge the norm

Logic dictates that high-yielding crops require a different approach to nutrition to reach their optimum performance. In this Nutrition Special, CPM explores with CF Fertilisers recent trial work and on-farm experience that’s helping to build understanding. By Tom Allen-Stevens There’s been something of a step change in arable crops over recent years. Led by an […]

Nutrition special – A new world of cereal production

Tailoring all nutrient inputs closer to crop uptake can bring better results from today’s high-yielding cereal crops, according to CF Fertiliser. CPM summarises the theory and recent trials work that substantiates it. By Rob Jones Cereal production is evolving and optimum fertiliser use isn’t necessarily keeping pace. That’s the message from CF agronomist Alli Grundy […]

Nutrition special – Canopy care to capture potential

In oilseed rape, tailoring nitrogen requirements to crop and soil reserves is vital to building potential. CPM examines how. By Rob Jones Oilseed rape needs careful management if it’s to contribute to the arable enterprise financially and not just fulfil the physical role of a break crop, says CF Fertilisers’ agronomist Allison Grundy. Even with […]

Nutrition special – Be bold with barley

Initial work suggests there’s potential to push yield in spring barley without compromising grain N levels. CPM reports. By Rob Jones Growing winter barley is a known science much like wheat, but there’s far less knowledge regarding getting the most out of spring crops, suggests Allison Grundy. “The rapid growth in spring cropping presents its […]

Innovation Insight – Sulphur saviour

When researchers first realised sulphur deposition levels were falling and yield was being put at risk, the call went out for a new product to resolve the issue. CPM tells the story of DoubleTop. The difference in yield was astonishing. By Tom Allen-Stevens The story of sulphur use in arable crops may be one of […]